It was my fine pleasure that I had a chance to pack up the cameras, jump into the Arrow, and fly north to a small airport community to meet with air show performer Julie Clark. We landed and taxied right to her home. I have never been or landed at an airport community like this but now I may need to live at one. Beautiful homes and each one has an airplane in the “Garage” or parked outside, my kind of place. As we shut down the aircraft the “garage” door opened to unveil her air show T-34 Mentor tucked behind a beautiful     T-28, Julie calls her around town plane. We should all be so lucky.

Julie was a delight to talk with and just gave us gold during the interview. Julie has such an amazing story to tell as we all do. But to hear about her about her trails and tribulations as she worked her way into the airline world is just inspiring. She is a Spitfire for sure and I would fly with her any time. Her air show performances are a thing to see as well. Rico and I had a great time watching her show at the Salinas air show. . If you would like to learn more about Julie and her air shows you can find her at 


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