Well we got one of the coolest interview we could ever hope to get. A few weekends ago we interviewed Maj Samantha Weeks, lead solo #5, of the Thunderbirds. There we were on the tarmac of Travis Air Force Base right next to the number 5 Thunderbird F-16. I mean wow, how cool is that. Maj. Weeks was great and we grabbed a great interview. She is one cool steely eyed Missile woman. Cooler then the other side of the pillow, she gave us gold. A little tidbit, her very first solo was in a jet, the T-37. I can only dream of flying a jet, her first solo was in one. Well we would also like to thank Capt. Elizabeth Kreft, the Thunderbirds Public Affairs officer, for getting us the interview. She was great and really let us get some great stuff for the film.



Poison Oak all gone.

September 13, 2008

Well I thought I would let everybody know I have survived the poison oak attack. It was bad for a long time. Things I learned were I should have gone onto the steroids  that I was worried about taking. Next time  will do that. It would have gone away much faster. Would I do it again? Yes, it is a beautiful shot, it really is. Art is pain, art is pain.