Poison Oak Update

August 13, 2008

So as it turns out that was indeed Poison Oak I was walking through to get a shot the other day. It also appears that I am allergic to Poison Oak. I once thought I was not, it appears that I was wrong. Well it is all over my legs and I am having a hard time trying not to scratch. And the worst part is I think I gave it to my wife. So now she has it, “Sorry honey”. Man I hope this shot was worth it. It is a great shoot for sure. Now I am defiantly going to use it in the film. Art is pain, right? Art is pain… Or in this case art is itchy.




Last weekend we started shooting the opening scene to A Pilot’s Story. I will not tell you want we shot as that would spoil the film, but lets just say it involved the stunning California coast line and a beautiful little Piper J-3 Cub.

I will tell you about one aspect of the shoot just because you should know what I will do to get the shot. We were shooting on the side of a tall cliff on the Northern California coastline. I wanted to get a shot of the Piper Cub flying along the water from above. So my pilot in the Cub was to fly along and bellow the cliff and I would get the shot from above. There was a good amount of ice plant and other vegetation in my way to the edge of the cliff. No worries I am a hiker, I have my hiking boots and my good cargo shorts on . So off I trudged through the thick brush with camera and tripod in hand. About half way to the edge I noticed the green and red leaves of the bushes I was walking through. It was all around me, and I had about fifty more feet to go before I found the edge. I look down and notice that each leaf had a smooth side and a bumpy side. I think to my self, “Hey this is Poison Oak” and it was bushing up all over my legs. I looked back to see the fifty feet or so I had already walked through and said to my self. “Art is pain, move on Will!” Laughing it off and kept going. I got the most beautiful shot of the Cub flying along the empty beach and across the crashing surf. It is a beautiful shot and will defiantly make it into the film. 

Somehow I didn’t get any kind of a breakout of poison oak thank goodness. The film Gods must have been smiling down on me that day. So with the Gods on my side you now know I will do just about anything to get the shot.


A Pilot’s Story Update

August 9, 2008

Just a quick update about A Pilot’s Story project. We are continuing to get great feedback from the trailer. Rico and I attended the National Aviation Hall of FameInduction ceremony last week after being invited  by a wonderful aviator named Zoe Dell Nutter. It gave us a chance to meet some of our nations great aviators and spread the news around about our project. The ceremony was being held in Dayton Ohio so us California boys jumped on a plane and made our way there. 

The first nights event was held in the National Museum of the United Air Force at the Write Paterson Air Force base. The museum is one of the best aviation museums I have ever seen. If you ever find your way out to Dayton you must spend at least a day there. Rico and I spent must of our Saturday enjoying the museum. 

Saturday night was the main event, the induction ceremony. A black tie affaire held at the Dayton Convention center. Over 700 people in attendance to see four outstanding contributers to aviation accept their awards. The four inductees this year were Col. Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson, USAF (Ret.), Herbert D. Kelleher, William A. Moffett, and Sean D. Tucker. We had a great time at the event and got a chance to meet some amazing aviators.

Now, back home in the real world, we continue to work on A Pilot’s Story, as well as other projects. I am currently in the design and building process of creating a way of attaching my steady cam rig to a helicopter. This will allow us to get some really amazing footage from a flying platform. I can’t wait to try it out. In the past I have always just handheld a camera with a gyroscopic device attached to it in the helicopter. With a full steady cam rig on the helicopter we should be able to eliminate all jerky movement we get when handheld.  Check back for more on that.